4 Attractive Pros And 3 Raunchy Cons About Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an important gadget used for everyday living, and in many cases, have replaced home phones when it comes to communicating. As the world becomes more advanced, these smart devices can do anything from sending videos and pictures to surfing the web. It has reached a point whereas everyone has a phone, from adults to young children. However, although these devices can be a real help in our everyday lives, they also can be very damaging.

Here are Three Cons

Increase Cheating in school!

These devices can be a real help to a student who wants to cheat on an exam. They can be used to text other students in the class and they can also surf the web for the answers.In my opinion, most teachers are too lazy to walk around constantly checking to see if their students are getting extra help on tests.

More E-waste

Everyone wants to stay updated with the latest technology. However, phones are made with the chemical element, lead, and the phone’s batteries are made with lithium-ion. Because the batteries are made of lithium-ion, they can explode when they are exposed to a certain degree of heat. In addition, people often throw their phones away and get new ones, which is harming our environment.


The more advanced phones become, the more expensive. A new phone costs around 400 dollars and the average service cost 200 dollars a month, according to cell phone magazine.

Here are Four Pros

There is effective communication between parents and children!

These devices allow parents to communicate with their kids while they are at school. If a particular child needs a ride or needs to stay after school, the parent can be notified quickly.

Rescue for emergency situations

If anyone is in a tragic situation, they can call the authorities or 911 instantly. In most cases, these devices have back-up batteries now to ensure that the phone is turned-on longer for situations like tornadoes, earth-quakes, and school attacks.

Responsible Test for children

These devices can teach kids how to become responsible. As a parent, you can set limits on how much they text and surf the web in a month. You can even make them pay the bill so they can see, on a micro level, on how it feels to be an adult.

It allows you to stay up-to-date

We are all working somewhere that requires us to stay sharp on the latest trends. Phones can help us stay on track as far as understanding how to use technology, which will make us more effective and efficient to our employers.

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