A Detailed Insight Into Micro Apps: The Latest Trend of This Year

If you study carefully, you would notice that the Google Play Store and the Apple Store has almost two million apps there. According to some survey made on the mobile app market, everyone, who owns a smartphone downloads least possibly 50 apps on the handsets. However, the number of actively accessing applications are really low compared to the number of applications downloaded on the mobile devices. Researches made it clear that usually, people use only 4 to 5 apps actively. More ironically, there are a few apps that can’t even keep customers just for an entire day!

Most of the business entrepreneurs look for devising such apps that are kind of all-rounder. Almost 70% of the total mobile application users find most of the mobile apps as the concise version of the online websites. According to a certain report, users abandon almost 26% of the total installed applications. Additionally, within the time interval of just first 3 days, the Android mobile applications lose almost 77% of its total daily users. Well, after considering this fact, the simpler the app, the better it is – this is becoming the new trend in the app development industry.

Micro Applications: What Are These?

Usually, micro applications are such applications that are task-specific, small and consumer oriented. Such micro apps offer functionalities with highly set targets and let the users do plenty of easy tasks effortlessly. Snapchat Micro, Weather Forecast, Facebook Messenger etc. are some of the examples of popular apps under this category that are gaining immense worldwide popularity. With the efficient help of such micro apps, users can easily manage as well as streamline various crucial business processes. While defining such applications, Mitchell Ashley, a Network World contributor explained that micro apps were something that didn’t do everything but did everything you wanted.

Concept of Micro Applications

The main concept of devising efficient micro applications is a bit different from the usual mobile applications. Go through the below-mentioned points to get a detailed acumen on the Micro apps.

  • It is able to do several tasks in the real-time. It doesn’t really matter whether the task is professional or personal.
  • Micro applications are quick, narrow and targeted. More importantly, such applications offer simple ‘get in, then interact and get out’ service.

Most of the mobile app developing organisations concentrate to devise such mobile apps that are not only feature-rich but a concise version of the online websites. This might result in not only slow apps but annoying ones with some irrelevant and unnecessary functionalities. On the other hand, micro apps are completely different. These are simple, not so feature-loaded apps but can efficiently do the dedicated tasks.

Benefits that You Can Avail Using Micro Applications

Here is a list of the benefits that you can avail if you choose to use micro applications.

The process of agile development in any IT firm becomes easier and smoother.

For the iterating and testing purpose, the users can give their feedbacks quickly to the organisation through such apps.

Interestingly, designers can alter the user interface for a specific device set, user type, app workflow, use case etc.

With efficient help of such micro apps, employees of a particular organisation can always stay updated with the business workflow and more importantly, they can work from anywhere.

Micro apps are HTML5/HTML based. Hence, such applications instantly load into any kind of communication tools like Facebook Messenger, Slack etc.

You wouldn’t have to bear any extra cost while devising and promoting such apps.

From the perspective of an enterprise, such micro applications are extremely dynamic and easy options to augment the business efficiency. Moreover, managing the business workflow becomes absolutely easy and smooth.

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