Advantages of Trac Phones

In a recent survey of the type of cell phones that most people are using today, the most popular cell phone turned out to be the Trac Phone. These phones are ideal for many people who want the convenience of a cell phone without the hassles. There are several advantages that these phones have over their competitors.

One advantage that a Trac Phone has over other cell phones is the low amount of your initial investment. You can purchase the Trac Phone itself for as low as $12 and purchase the smallest amount of prepaid minutes for $20. In other words, for the low price of $32, you can have your own cell phone in the amount of time it takes you to call the company to activate your minutes. The low cost of these phones would enable you to purchase these items for several members of your family at a much lower price than you could get for a multiple phone plan at a cell phone service company.

Another advantage of the lower price of these phones is the cost to replace a broken or lost phone. With a Trac phone, you can just purchase another one. Most people would have trouble doing this with the more expensive models.

You can also find the Trac Phone at most of the major stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target. You can purchase the prepaid minute cards at these stores as well as many gas stations and convenience stores. The cost of these cards also goes down the more minutes that you purchase.

Another advantage that these phones have over their competitors is the lower cost that you pay for using them. No matter which cell phone service provider that you chose to do business with, that company’s least expensive plan can still end up costing you quite a bit of money, especially if you make phone calls during peak hours. Trac Phones eliminate this expense. You are able to purchase as many minutes as you want and then purchase additional minutes later if you need them. You can also call anyone at anytime for the same cost. You only pay for the minutes you actually use and there are no expensive monthly contracts or two year agreements like you have with other cell phone companies. You can get rid of your Trac Phone any time you like.

To pay for extra services on your Trac Phone such as texting or using the Internet, your minutes are deducted as soon as you send your message or log off of a Web site. This prevents you from getting a huge unexpected bill at the end of the month for these services if you happen to text more than you thought or you stayed on the Internet too long. You will also know immediately how many minutes that you have available to use so you can curtail the use of these services until you can afford them.

One huge advantage that these Trac Phones have over other cell phones is that they are ideal for children. It is estimated that some teenagers can send fifty text messages a day. If you pay for a monthly plan, you can end up having astronomical bills. With a Trac Phone, you can purchase a certain amount of minutes and when your child has used them all up, purchase a few more. By paying for minutes as you go, you can cut your child’s phone off if he is using an unreasonable amount of minutes within a month. Your child can also see how many minutes he has available and be able to make a conscious decision as to whether he wants to use them all in one day or spread them out over a period of several weeks.

Trac Phones are becoming more popular as a less expensive alternative to the more elaborate models, especially for lower income people and college students that are struggling to pay tuition. As the economy continues to worsen, Trac Phones will become even more popular as these devices allow everyone the convenience of having a cell phone.

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