Brand Status: Leveraging Your Employees' Phones

Marketing is a vital part of any successful branding strategy, and getting your name out there through accessories your employees will love is a tool businesses have been using since businesses started. The idea is this, leverage your employees to spread your brand. An example goes as follows, everybody nowadays uses mobile phones and tablets, it is unavoidable. Why not use those devices in your favor? You can leverage a promotional product handout like screen cleaner stickers to get your logo or message on the backs of your employee's devices. As long as they can use the product, they will be spreading your brand in no time.

Phone Accessories That Your Employees Or Clients Will Love

Your Employees are much more efficient in their role in your company when management offers them the ability to utilize the freshest in tech accessories. Companies have begun to leverage employees fascination with their devices by connecting that device to the company brand through promo handouts. Does your company require employees to carry around a company phone? Why not brand that space to help your advertising efforts? Not only does this help your company, it helps employees by giving them a free gift, in turn helping productivity.

Whenever you see a person who proudly wears their company logo, either on their phone or on their sleeve, you automatically have a certain amount of trust in that company. If it is good enough for a person to voluntarily promote outside of work than it must be good right? The real secret is that the company found a product, in the form of a shirt of screen cleaner, that they could hand to their employees that the employees, in turn, found so useful they begin to unwittingly do some of the company branding all on their own.

Custom Promo Items For Your Company

Did you know that people, including your employees, check their phones to the tune of hundreds of times a day? Talk about valuable branding space. Why not give them a promo handout that will place your logo directly on their device?

Fully custom microfiber screen cleaners answer that call and have been a trending promo handout at trade shows and company parties alike. Again, the key is that they are a useful gift, unlike the company pens you gave away and ended up in everybody's drawers. A screen cleaners that cleans the smudges off your screen while hyper branding your logo is a great idea.

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