Buying Guide – Desktop Vs Laptop, Which Do I Buy?

It’s time to get a new computer and you are not sure on getting a laptop or desktop. Well it comes down to a few main things and here they are.


· Do you want portability?

· Do you mind the size?

· Is your budget high enough for a laptop?

· Do you travel a lot or want to roam around the house?

· Are you a student?

· Will you just be doing the basics or will you be gaming and doing multimedia?

Laptops can come in many different ways. You usually pay for the extra power and features just like anything else. They are more expensive due to size and portability. You can get small laptops for just basic usage for students and beginners, or you can get a desktop replacement laptop for gaming and multimedia if you are willing to dish out at least $1,500. Now laptops can still pack a punch don’t get me wrong, but desktop power is still quite a bit more. I recommend laptops for any person on the go who wants to have a computer and internet right beside them.


· Do you need a lot of power?

· Do you play graphic demanding games?

· Do you not mind the space being taken up?

· Will you be using it for basic tasks or advanced?

· Are you on a budget?

· Do you want easy upgrades and replacement parts?

Desktops have always been the number one choice but have started to get less popular with laptops coming around. To me they are still great because you can customize them easily, upgrade your own parts in minutes, and have a lot of power for all of your needs. If you don’t mind the space being used by a desktop and are usually sitting in one spot, then desktops are fine. For gamers and multimedia editors, desktops are a powerful tool and usually get better performance. Pricing on desktops have dropped a lot and can usually start at around $300. Depending on what you need it for, price is going to vary. If you are a gamer or need higher requirements I recommend customizing your own and building it. That way you know what your getting and get your bang for the buck.

So that is the lowdown on laptops and desktops. Good luck on your next purchase!

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