Charge Your Gadgets With Exercise

The M2E Power external charger uses breakthrough technology that enables the creation of generators for small mobile devices. This means that people will be able to tap into the energy that is converted during exercise. Not only will this decrease our dependency on battery chargers, but it will give us more incentive to take the stairs instead of the lift- something that's desperately needed with the current obesity statistics. A prototype of this device is already in existence and M2E hopes to release these chargers onto the market in 2009. In two years time, this type of energy storage should be on a nano level with the device installed directly into cellphone, laptop and digital camera batteries. Even just moving the device will charge it, so if you are an affirmed coach potato just driving in a car will still yield some battery life.

Kinetic energy is by no means a new concept but the new technology has allowed magnetic architecture to be changed at a physics level. This technology was originally developed by a war veteran for soldiers who often carry 20 pounds of extra batteries for the electronics used on their missions. That's a lot of extra baggage for a field mission! M2E is still releasing their products for the military and soon soldiers will be able to shed the excess and charge their essential devices simply by movement.

Gadget crazy modern humans' lives are becoming more complicated and we depend more on an endless stream of electronic goods from laptops to Pods. Powering these gadgets is becoming an increasingly pressing problem, so an environmentally friendly, uniform device such as this power charger is just what the world is looking for. Six hours of motion will allow an hour of talk time on a cell phone, so it is not possible to charge the battery entirely by exercise (unless you have a lot of spare time) but as long as the battery is in motion there will be a charge. Perhaps there is something in the idea that shaking or tapping a lifeless device will make it spring to life.

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