Convert AVI to MOV the Easy Way

The videos we watch just like any type of information or data comes in different format. Some format of videos has similarities with the audio but oftentimes video has more different complex formats. Some of the most used video formats are AVI and MOV. Sometimes the software installed in our device such as our computers or mobile phones do not have the capacity to read or transform certain video files to human readable from. That is why we need to use softwares which are known as converters. So let us focus here on how to convert AVI to MOV videos.

First what is MOV and why do we have to convert the video file in this format?

MOV is originally a multimedia format from Apple. MOV is not an international standard that is why it is not usually being supported by the third party software players plus the multimedia devices. MOV videos can be played if you have Quicktime player, Apple or iTunes installed in your device. Any MOV files can be read and understood.

There are lots of good softwares that convert AVI to MOV and can support the MOV video and AVI file format. You just have to make sure that a QuickTime player is installed in your computer. Getting the right software for installing such player can easily be found and downloaded from the internet.

We convert AVI to MOV because we have experiences that after we have loaded AVI file on our Mac, we can’t really open it with simple QuickTime player or even iMovie. Sometimes, we get the chance to open the file but not actually opened because what only appears is a black, empty video. Let us accept that AVI is not really as good as MOV and most of the time, AVI files aren’t compatible with QuickTime player. For Mac, we can use the Mac AVI converter too to convert AVI to MOV.

Audio Video Interleave or AVI and Apple’s QuickTime Movie or MOV are both multimedia container formats for videos with sounds. When we are doing the conversion from different file format to another, the container must be opened so that the individual data streams can be transcoded. The advantage of converting AVI to MOV is that multiple types of audio streams and also video streams can be made in the entire conversion process.

Of course, you are reading this article to know the simple and easy steps to convert AVI to MOV. Luckily we have here the guides and step by step procedures to convert AVI to MOV. The first thing that must be done is to download the AVI to MOV converter. There are free downloadable softwares available in the internet. After downloading, you can now install it in your computer. Next, click the “add” button to start loading the videos in AVI format which you want to convert o MOV files.

You can also capture the video being played while you are converting. In most of the available software, you will also find a folder for your photos. Apart from AVI and MOV, these video converter can also support other formats such as the MPEG, WMV, MP4 and any desired formats you wish to play in your computer.

Few application also allow you to do editing to your video such as trimming some part of your video, cropping, setting some effects and customizing. You can also adjust the video parameters such as the resolution, encoder, bit rate, frame rate, channel, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

Once done, you need to transfer the converted video file to local hard drive. Conversion normally start within a few minutes. The whole process won’t actually take time and you’ll have your new MOV video through simple and fast conversion. Now you have all the reason to enjoy watching your favorite movie, all you got to have is the right software!

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