Cool Recent Gadgets That Are Worth Investing In

One item that is fairly new and is starting to become more widely known is the USB Cell. This is basically an AA sized battery that can be charged via your computer. When you take a closer look you will see the top of it can be removed like a cap. It stays attached to the main body of the battery, while the end reveals a USB attachment. Plug this into your computer to charge the battery and you can then use it as normal once the cap has been replaced. These normally come in a pack of two or four and they can be re-used as many times as you like.

Digital photo frames are also very popular, especially now the prices have come down a lot. These cool gadgets sit on your desk or shelf just like any photo frame, but instead of holding a single picture you can upload various digital photos to them instead.

As you watch the frame, it will scroll through all the photos in turn. And you can upload new ones whenever you want to. This would make an excellent gift for someone, especially if you pre-loaded it with pictures as well.

Another cheap but cool gadget that looks set to arrive on the market any day now is the FM radio pen. This can be used just like a normal pen but it has an FM radio built in as well. Perhaps it would be a useful stocking filler for someone come Christmas time?

Some gadgets are rather more unusual. Someone has invented what looks to be a charging bonsai tree. This looks like a bonsai made from metal, but each leaf is a panel that soaks up the sun's rays. You simply have to plug your mobile into the hidden wires and the energy soaked up by the tree charges your phone. This could be available soon if the creator finds enough interest for it.

As you can see there are plenty of cool recent gadgets that fit the bill and look set to be very popular as well. If you love your gadgets make sure you stay abreast of all the news about new releases. You can also visit individual websites that sell gadgets of all kinds, and look for their 'coming soon' section. Most websites have a section like this which will reveal what gadgets you can buy sooner rather than later.

So which gadgets would you like to buy? Would a digital photo frame in the form of a keyring appeal to you? If it would, you'll be glad to know such a thing is available among the many cool recent gadgets that have been launched.

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