Difference Between A Notebook And Laptop – Top 3 Notebooks of 2012

Notebooks refer to the smaller version of a laptop and are almost as handy as a proverbial notebook. You may wonder why some of these computers are called 'notebooks' while others are simply termed 'laptops'. Broadly speaking, it is similar to a parent naming his baby and each manufacturer calls his product one of the two.

Laptops are similar to desktops, and can do all the functions very well along with a battery pack to power it. The advantage is its weight and size, which allows you to place it on your lap. A notebook is thinner, and specially designed with a light weight material, which means that it is not as large as the laptop and may not have features like the disk drives, extendable memory or extra USB slots. The higher the technology used in a notebook, the higher is its cost, so the choice depends on your budget and needs.

There are many notebooks, but the top three are mentioned here based on their features, style and core functionality. On the top is Apple's MacBook Pro with retina display, and it's a beautiful amalgam of biotechnology with computing. With the least weight among Apple's notebooks, this screen has an amazing resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, producing details like never before. This new release serves those working largely on Photoshop or other optically challenging software due to its amazing clarity and large resolution.

In second position is Apple's MacBook Air, which also boasts of Intel's I-series as its processor and has a 13 "screen. At only 3 pounds, this notebook has an X lion 10.7.4 OS and has a hard drive of 128 gigabytes. It has an Intel HD 4000 on-board graphics which helps in playing games with flair. The benefit is that, this is an Apple release and has widespread acceptance.Also in its advantage is the price, which is lesser than other notebooks, causing it a great purchase.

At the third place is Samsung Series 7, a very close competitor to Apple in the gaming league, and it's a gamer's dream notebook in terms of speed, multiple ports, and graphics. The flip side is that, it is quite large as 17 "and has fewer sales moreover; the price is slightly lesser than $ 2000 and it will be useful when considering it as a replacement for a gaming laptop. There is plenty of on-board memory space, and boasts of a quad-core processor, which allows for extreme speed and response. It weighs 9 pounds and carries quite an amount of punch with its interior brilliance.

This article briefly cites the differences between a laptop and a notebook and lists key features of the top 3 notebooks released in 2012, namely Apple's MacBook Pro, Apple's MacBook Air and Samsung Series 7.

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