Features of a Good Parental Control Software for Android Phones

The recent advancements in technology and IT sector have provided us with many benefits and amazing gadgets. Mobile phones are one of the most impressive and widely used gifts of this technological advancement. However, there are always some risks and disadvantages of such gadgets. One of the most concerning risk associated with these mobile phones is their misusage, especially by kids.

Today, parents are most concerned about the mobile phone usage by their kids as there are many ways of misusing a mobile phone and kids are easily attracted towards such things. Android based phones are very popular today and parental control software developed by a professional and reputed offshore mobile development service provider could be easily bought and used to secretly monitor all the cell phone activities of the kids. Parents could use such softwares to save their children from misusing the technologies handed to them.

Here are some of the features of a really good parental control software for Android based phones:

SMS Logging: Parents can easily log into their account and read all the SMS / text messages that their child has sent or received. The login is completely secret and kids won't know when you check their SMSs.

Picture Logging: This feature allows you to upload all the pictures on your kid's Android phone onto a secret online account without them ever knowing about it.

Call Recording: This feature allows you to know each and every detail that your child makes or receives on his Android phone. It is always better to know who the kids are talking to as there are many predators outside the home and you should be careful of them.

Control The Contacts: This feature allows you to check the numbers that are stored on your kid's mobile phone and further block the numbers that you want to without letting them know.

Browsing History: Having a parental control over your kid's laptop or computer is just not enough today. The browsing history of the Android based phone can be easily viewed through a parental control software even if they delete the history from their device.

GPS Tracking: The GPS tracking will let you know exactly where your kid is. You will know whether the kids are really in the school or bunking the classes and roaming outside. Further, a really skilled offshore mobile development company can make sure that the service is provided even in the most negative conditions

Non-GPS tracking: Suppose the GPS connection is very weak around the location where your child is. In such situation, the parental control software will use Wi-Fi connections or the phone towers to get the exact location of the child.

SMS Enabled Tracking: If there is some problem with the GPS tracking or anything else and you don't know whether your child is at the school or not, you can know it by just sending a message and the parental control software will make sure that you receive a SMS informing you about the exact location co-ordinates of your child.

SIM Change Notification: Even if your child tries to change the SIM of the Android phone, you will be instantly notified about the SIM change activity through the software.

There are many more features that could be present in a parental control software but the above mentioned once are the most critical ones and should be present in a really good software solution for parental control.

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