How Did We Ever Live Without Cordless Phones?

You probably don't know many people who do not own a cordless phone. They have become such an essential element in our homes, that we don't give it much thought at all.

These convenient phones have made many advances in technology since they were first introduced to the market in around 1980. It used to be that this type of phone was very crackly sounding and anyone in the neighborhood with a baby monitor could listen in to your private telephone conversations. Early cordless phones had many limitations including limited range, low channel range and poor sound quality.

It is simply more convenient to have the run of your own home, wandering around the entire house while you have a telephone conversation. This obviously could not be done with a corded phone. You were quite simply stuck to one place until the conversation was over. With a cordless, you can talk for a long time, while doing other things at the same time. Maybe your dog needs to go outside, or you have to put some clothing in the dryer. It is all very easy to do while you are using a one.

The newest phones have thankfully come with improved battery life and durability. It used to be that the battery did not last long and you had to constantly charge your phone, but many now have nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride or lithium batteries. Cordless phones have become very light weight and convenient and are always evolving with the development of better designs.

Early cordless telephones operated on radio frequencies, which is why conversations could be overheard. Newer technologies utilize digital spread spectrum technology which cannot be easily intercepted.

Most cordless phones have many features, including programmability for the storage of commonly called numbers, speaker phone capabilities, caller ID, sound amplification features and intercom options. The intercom option alone can be an invaluable feature in the case of a larger household with many family members.

With improved range and channel selection, it is now possible to move further away from the base of the cordless phone and still be able to carry on a conversation. If long range is important to you, this should be one of the first features that you check for in the long list of features your model has.

Cordless phones give you the freedom to carry on a conversation anywhere inside or outside of your home.

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