How Effective Are Ab Gadget Machines For Belly Fat Loss?

Infomercial ab gadgets and machines – we have all seen them, perhaps even purchased one at one time or another. The types of infomercials I’m referring to are the ones where you have very athletic slim lean models advertising the latest ‘lose belly fat’ gadget in only ‘3 minutes a day’. There are several out there, ones where you have to rock back and forward, or rock side to side or even ones you can simply use while watching TV that require you to twist and turn – all in only a few minutes a day. This article will explore what benefits (if any) the gadgets actually have for losing belly fat.

For actual belly fat loss – these gadgets do absolutely nothing. Sure they do work your abdominal muscles and you will certainly tone these up, however if you have layers of fat above them – you will never see them using these gadgets. Unfortunately the ad companies that sell these gadgets do a great con job in trying to make us believe that these fit models actually use these gadgets and get their great bodies from using this alone. If you take a good look at these models, all of them are toned, and have great physiques – an ab gadget will not get you any of this. These models clearly workout with a very good fitness routine and eat really healthy food to look like they do – either that or they are blessed with great genes.

The only obvious effective an ab gadget of any kind has is on your wallet – they cost a small fortune and most of the time end up unused and folded up under the bed, or in a closet gathering dust. So, to answer the question – ab gadget machines are not in the least effective for belly fat loss. You are better off avoiding these gimmicks and spending your money on programs that actually work and really get results. At the end of the day if you want to lose your belly fat the equation is simply this – eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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