How to Copy PS3 Games to Hard Drive – Make Backups Of Your Playstation Games!

For those who have never heard about the PlayStation series, you might very well happen to be living under a rock because Sony’s gaming system series became one of the primary systems within the gaming world.

The PlayStation 3, their newest system, is particularly well-liked by teens and grown ups because of its choice of games. Since the PlayStation 3 has totally changed the whole video gaming business, it is no wonder that it’s probably the most successful video gaming systems ever.

However, numerous players are interested if they can copy PlayStation 3 games to hard disk to better safeguard their original video games. Is it possible to do that? It is, believe me. Therefore, how can you learn to copy PlayStation 3 video games to hard disk? In this article, there is an answer to this and much more.

The process to copy PlayStation 3 video games to hard disk was previously very hard and complex. Now it’s another story because you are now able to find specific copying software program that isn’t tough to use and helps make the process to copy PlayStation 3 games super easy.

To get this done, you will find this software program that can also perform other incredible issues. If you wish to actual start copying PlayStation 3 video games to hard disk you will have to do exactly the same actions.

Here’s what you must do to copy PlayStation 3 video games.

Open up the program

Start your game copying software program and put your game within the drive.

Decrypt and save

Click on open mode and ISO, then click on read after you have discovered the ISO option and open it up. After that click the ‘decrypt’ choice so the complete game is replicated to the hard disk of the pc.

Swap disks and burn

Ensure that you exchange hard disks in your drive when your pc tells you. Choose the write option. Once the window appears, choose the PlayStation 3 game documents that you copied to your pc hard disk. Click on the create option again when you have chosen the file.

Remove the replicated back up disk

You see you can easily copy PlayStation 3 games to hard disk and can be finished within these four steps. This copy process is nearly always exactly the same no matter which duplicating system you decide to use copying PlayStation 3 video games to hard drive.

If you have troubles with any kind of actions of the duplicate procedure, virtually every software program offers comprehensive directions and even movies that will help you understand where you went wrong.

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