How to Remove Security Tool From an Infected Computer

Security Tool is just another of the many variations of malware that have been increasingly infecting computers in recent years. This kind of malware pretends to be an antivirus remover and some people have even been conned into purchasing the upgrade it continuously prompts you to download.

First of all, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to removing this kind of pest. It depends on how badly your PC is infected and what damage has already been done. No matter how bad the infection from a fake antivirus program like Security Tool, there a couple of general steps I will try to walk you through to remove most malware like spyware or Trojans from your computer.

  • Start the PC in Safe Mode by constantly tapping the F8 key after you’ve pushed the power button. From the menu choose “Safe Mode With Networking” and hit enter.
  • Once the PC is running in Safe Mode disable System Restore and delete everything in the user’s Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders. For the location of those folders, perform a search on Google for your particular Windows version. These folders are hidden by default, so you will have to manually make them visible. Again check Google on how to perform this action. Do this for every user profile. When finished, reset the folder display to its default settings.
  • Download Malwarebytes free version, install, check for updates and before doing a full scan, disconnect your PC from the Internet. Remember, this kind of malware makes a connection to the Internet as soon as you are online giving it the opportunity to download and secretly install even more of its pesky family members.

The above procedure will usually work. After the scan has finished, Malwarebytes will ask you to reboot your PC. Once you have done so, let the program rum one more time in normal mode, just to be sure that it has cleaned up everything. Better safe than sorry. When all is clear, you can turn on System Restore again. Occasionally the infection is that bad that Security Tool will not let you install Malwarebytes, but the possible solutions to this are for another article I’m afraid.

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