How To Remove VirusLocker From Your PC

VirusLocker is a complete software infection that's been designed by hackers to get you to buy the fake upgrade to the infection. The VirusLocker program is basically just a virus, which has been created by hackers who are believed to be in the likes of Russia or Eastern Europe, and is described as a malware program. The problem with this virus is that it's continually going to be causing a major set of problems for your PC, in that it will stop a lot of the important settings your system requires to run, including the likes of Task Manager & other important options.

If you are unfortunate enough to have VirusLocker infecting your PC, don't worry. This program will not steal and of your details … but will be quite difficult to remove. In order to stop the program from running, you have to be able to stop the program from operating before trying to remove it. Because this program is a complete scam, it's actually very difficult to remove. To ensure that you can get rid of the software from your PC, you have to be able to stop it from running in the most effective way before deleting it from your system for good.

How To Remove VirusLocker

To remove this virus, you have to be able to stop the infection from running, before then deleting it in the most effective way. Unlike many typical viruses (which can be removed by using an anti-virus application), removing "malware" infections like VirusLocker is a more involved process which requires a lot of different applications to get rid of it in the most effective way.

The best way to stop the VirusLocker infection is to first use a part of Windows called "Safe Mode", as this will be able to stop the program from loading up. To restart into safe mode, you should restart your PC, press "F8" on your keyboard, and then select "Safe Mode With Networking". This will load up your computer without the virus, and allow you to then progress onto removing the infection.

We advise that after you've restarted your PC into safe mode, you should download and use a program called a "spyware removal tool". This is more involved than the likes of Norton, or another antivirus tool, and works to remove all the files that VirusLocker that you'll have on your computer. We've found that a tool called SuperAntiSpyware is the best for this.

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