Internet Advertisement Revenue War Between Tech Giants

We all love a good debate about how the tech giants of today are competing with each other. Yes I am talking about Google, Yahoo, Apple and Microsoft.

Let’s see their developments in this year. Google has made billions of dollars in search-related advertising. Just recently they made their move into mobile software and hardware. Google is also moving to the desktop as hardware companies consider using Google’s Android operating system for tablet PCs and netbooks and Google continues developing its own Chrome OS. It has sharpened its look with a handsome new interface.

Google has started tying up with leading computer manufacturing brands to manufacture new netbooks that will have the Chrome OS preinstalled. The new netbooks will be tweaked to run the Chrome OS most efficiently, thus reducing the cost to the end users.

On the other hand, Microsoft who competes to everyone in the market, from answering search queries to navigating you to your favorite restaurant. The company has invested in Facebook and offers some social features on its Xbox platform. The company has made several key partnerships-the most significant of which, its 10-year deal with Yahoo-should finally kick into place in a few months.

Yahoo is focusing on content-related products. They continue to be No 1 in news section and Flickr continues to grow and remain a highly successful photo Web site. The company has revamped its news and mail websites using HTML5 technology for the Cupertino Company’s iPhone and iPod touch. It is also releasing a new search widget for Android phones.

Apple is making waves with its cutting edge technology but has step back from the fray by avoiding search, maps, news and has succeed with iPod, iTunes, iPhones and Mac personal computers. It is interesting to see that Apple is the only company that charges for its online services. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all provide cloud-based products free of charge.

Google announced on June 30th that it was adding a new feature called “News for you” that will offer a stream of local, customized and socially edited content. Google has reached an agreement to buy ITA Software for $700 million, a maker of air-travel flight-information software whose customers include major airlines and online travel agencies. Microsoft and Yahoo beefed up their search offerings with content, including some traffic-generating slideshows.

A lot of changes in interfaces and some tricky techniques gave some picture of the market share numbers for June. Apple stock closed Thursday at $248.48, down $3.05, or 1.2 percent. Google was at $439.49, down $5.46, or 1.2 percent. Yahoo was up 25 cents, or 1.8 percent, at $14.09 after its board approved $3 billion in stock buybacks over the next three years.

Microsoft still struggling with its Bing, Apple struggling to keep up with manufacturing problems and consumer demand, Google continued to have reliability issues with the online store and yahoo still need to strive with paid search advertising.

The back and forth between these companies seemed to be intensified more in the later year. It’s no secret that Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo are always expanding their reaches, slowly but surely adding new products and services into their line-ups.

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