Mac Vs Windows – How I Deal With Both

I grew up in a an Apple Macintosh household, but about 10 years ago had to switch my computer system to Windows. There was just too much stuff that ran only on windows and in the computer support world I was entering Windows was dominant both in my office and in the hands of our customers.

Now, I’ve migrated back to the Macintosh world and I have to say, I love it. There are pros and cons to both systems, but right now the Mac world is strongly overpowering the Windows world.

Here are my pros and cons.

1. The mac has less viruses to worry about. Mainly because virus writers devote their time to finding holes in Windows. There are just fewer mac viruses to deal with. This means you can often go completely without an antivirus program on the Mac and you don’t have to deal with constant scans and updates.

2. You can run Windows on the Mac using virtual programs such as VMware Fusion. When you can run two completely different systems on one machine you have a huge advantage over Windows only users. I have a WXP system running side by side with my Mac OS10 and never lose a second of time. When windows is updating something and slowing down that part to an unusable state, I can click over to the mac side and do something equally productive without missing a beat.

3. There are still a lot of programs that only run on Windows. I’ve solved this with the VMware Fusion virtual ability, but it’s still annoying that I even have to deal with Windows. The Mac OS is just so much more efficient and cleaner.

I use a lot of marketing programs written by small time programmers and until they write software for Mac I’ll always need Windows. But I feel good because I need it less and less.

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