New Features in SatNav Gadgets

The use of satnav systems has become very widespread in modern life. Innumerable gadgets for different purposes are available in the markets. It is important to consider the purpose for which the gadget is sought while shopping for it. Every product is earmarked for specific purpose or purposes and it is necessary for the consumers to exercise caution in the matter of selection. Satnav devices for cars, for fishing, for adventure, for aviation and for wildlife are a few examples to mention in this respect. It is now a device with multifarious capabilities with diverse features too.

One of the innovative features is Bluetooth calling through satnav. The wireless protocol used for data transfer between fixed and mobile devices is now available for satnav devices. It is used in mobile phones to exchange data between two devices either similar or otherwise, in close proximity wherein there is only low bandwidth available. In the case of satnav device the Bluetooth phone can be connected to it and function as a hand free unit. Another feature is the FM transmitters and headphones for users to enjoy music. The drivers are provided with instructions or information through the same headphones. The car integrated as well as handheld satnav devices have now special features like lane assist option and digital post code search facility. Such devices are also pre-loaded with maps in respect of a locality or a country. Sophisticated satnav gadgets are loaded with maps indicating several points of interests all over the world. The user will be able to receive valuable information about them through Bluetooth supported satnav devices. In addition to voice data provided, text messages can be seen on the screens.

MP3, CD and DVD players are other features that are incorporated in the modern satnav gadgets. Apart from highly utilitarian contents, satnav are now provided with entertainment options also as indicated earlier. Some of them are equipped with 10GB hard disc space to store several hours of music. Color touch screens are convenient for users. SD cards slots are also provided in the systems. MPEG-4 is yet another technology that is now featured in satnav systems enabling the users to view movies. LCD touch screens in widescreen formats are convenient for watching movies.

In short the modern satnav devices are designed to offer not only the specific role or roles specified for them but also to provide entertainment in the course of their engagements. The consumers who lead hectic work schedules will have comfortable interludes, thanks to the developing technologies. Many reputed brands of satnav gadgets are now available in the markets. Some of the sophisticated products include Magellan Road Mate 1700 with a 7 inch screen and one touch menu to have access to destinations. It is but intended for truckers who can conveniently accommodate such a large screen on their dashboards. But many of the consumers who seek personal navigation devices opt for smaller screens of 3.5 inch for the sake of convenience. Garmin Nuvi 1690, TOM TOM GO 740 are devices suitable for them. As in the case of all consumer durables internet is the best source to locate suitable products. Innumerable products with diverse features and price tags are available today.

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