Our Top 10 Mac Freeware Games

We rolled the dice, shuffled the deck, spun the dial, and came up with 10 irresistible Mac freeware games. Find these and plenty of others in thriftmac’s games section.

The undisputed king: Quinn

For sheer beauty and wonderful game play, Quinn stands head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, if you believe our Mac Freeware Idol survey, it’s the best freeware app ever. They say it’s a version of tetronimo, but we all know that means etris-Tay.

Sure glad they made an OS X version: Glider Pro

One of the most popular pre-OS X games continues to win hearts and minds with a combination of puzzles and strategy. Fly your paper airplane through a house of many rooms, being careful to avoid candles, air drafts and other nasties.

Me, my Mac and a deck of cards: MacSolitaire

Anyone who uses a Mac is undoubtedly so popular that they never find themselves alone playing solitaire. But sometimes alone time can be good. And if you’d like to pass that time playing solitaire, you won’t do much better than MacSolitaire.

Endless arcade action: Pac the Man

Sure you could waste countless hours playing Pac(ahem)Man at the local arcade. But why do that when Pac the Man allows you to do it in style with the comfort of your Mac?

Firing up the old brain cells: Aquatomic

You know what they say about your brain: use it or lose it. Keep that grey matter limbered up with a game where you have to piece together atoms to create molecultes. It starts off easy, but soon gets hard.

The ultimate Penguin adventure: SuperTux

This penguin is on a mission to save his beloved penguinette. But he has to do a lot of jumping, running and shooting to attain his goal in this side-scrolling adventure.

For those who would rule: The Battle for Wesnoth

Go on a flight of fancy limited only by your imagination as you put together an army that can battle for your rightful place on the throne. And that’s just one of the adventures that awaits you.

Getting bombed multiplayer style: Bomberman

Escape from a maze using bombs to blast your way through doorways that lead to other levels. You can find helpers along the way, but watch out for enemies.

A gardener’s nightmare: Bullfrog

Insects can be pesky at the best of times, but when there’s a full-scale invasion, the only thing to do is fight back with your trusty bullfrog. But remember: time is of the essence.

The riddle of the stones: Enigma

On the face of it, Enigma should be easy: uncover pairs of identically colored Oxyd stones. But it’s not so easy when you have to deal with hidden traps, vast mazes, laser beams and other hindrances.

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