PS3 Playing Movies But Not Games? Some Simple Fixes

Occasionally a PlayStation 3 will develop a problem whereby it will play movies, but not games. Before you send your PS3 to Sony for expensive repairs, there are a few simple at home fixes you might want to try first.

First, if you have not done so already, you should update your PlayStation 3 firmware. If your system software has become corrupted in some manner, this can overwrite those corrupted files and fix the problem.

Next, you may want to consider reformatting your PlaySation 3’s hard drive. Before you do so, however, you will want to back up your games and any music you may have stored on the drive since when you reformat the hard drive this will all be lost.

Third, consider whether you may have an issue with PS3 overheating. If so, the PS3 will often not even load the game properly although it may still play movies since this often requires less work on the part of the hard drive. Overheating issues are often caused by dirt and dust build up inside the unit. If this may be the culprit, you will need to thoroughly clean the PS3 inside and out, including the Blu-ray lens. You may also want to try positioning the PS3 differently when playing, to ensure that it is being ventilated properly during game play.

Finally, if some of your PS3 games will play but not others, it may be that the game was not installed properly or that a portion of the game file has become corrupted. If this is the problem, simply delete the game from the game save utility and then try reinstalling and rebooting the game once again.

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