The Secret Behind Mobile Apps

In general, as apps are used for different aspects of the business, the app should be built specifically to focus on the aim that is to be accomplished, for a particular platform eg. Android, iOS and should be cost-effective. The icon / s that represents the app, should be eyeball grabbing, jaw-dropping, with a strong emotional connect, to attract users. To cap it all, it helps if all relevant technical documents to felicitate development of the app, and contracts are drafted out well in advance.

The biggest challenge is always, to retain the loyalty of customers to brands. A strategy adopted by several startups, following in the steps of Facebook, is to have multiple apps which are interconnected, to meet various consumer needs. These apps are launched on different platforms like Android and iOS.

This approach, in addition, gives several advantages to the business. Apps can be developed and updated faster, innovative revenue models can be used, and user experience becomes smoother.

An example in case, is Flipkart, which has separate apps for e-books, the Flipkart app for electronics and other shopping, Flipkart seller hub for business and Flipkart nearby as a mobile supermarket. Similarly, Snapdeal too has 5 different apps, catering to different groups like buyers, sellers etc. Commonfloor, which deals with realty, has 4 apps like agents, residents etc. and FB has Messenger, Pages and Groups.

Amidst all the frenzied endeavors to develop apps for every conceivable business, there is a debate which has recently sprung up, about the prudence of using only mobile apps vs. using the website, to do business. Or whether service oriented businesses benefit more from using apps or product businesses.

The reactions to this have been mixed, from different players. While some like Urban Ladder, the online furniture store, garner a lesser share through the app, there are others like BoookMyShow, for ticketing, who do better business via a mobile app. Irrespective of the outcome, it is definite, that more and more business will be conducted on mobiles, in the coming years.

In fact, as this kind of social behavior of "living" practically online, matures, our relationship with mobile apps, will be quite akin to what Aladdin had, with his magic lamp!

That, my dear friends, will indeed be, true magic, at your fingertips!

And traveling long, dusty miles, to say, "open sesame", to discover a cave full of glittering goodies and ear- to- ear smiles, would be a thing, long gone in the past!

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