The Viral Addiction of PC Games

Over the years, the pc gaming industry had evolve from the generation of a 486 processor to the high performance dual core processor which supports serious players with ultra high end graphic card. Gone were the days when a player's only option for interaction was using the command from its computer keyboard while playing a Space War or Adventure game. Through the years of rapid research and development, players of current enjoy multiple choices of game simulation.

The lure of the great heroic characters inside the fantasy world game had brought many into the unconditional realm one might not experienced in the existing world. Intriguing story lines with captivating voice acting excites a player further into the world of PC game. Often the players get too engross in the game for hours as they struggle to move to the next level or simply to obtain a seductive prize. The sense of achievement can be very rewarding and satisfying to these game addicts.

Top favorite PC games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Dragon Age, The Sims 3, Street Fighter IV and many others might be games which promote brain simulation, strategize thinking, cooperation among other players or even self-discipline, however the long hours of consistent starring into the square box will cause social ills among the students, couples and family. This obsession will cause these addicts to neglect their family members and friends, having sleeping disturbances and problems over work or school.

With the increasing availability of online games, there has been a worrying trend on the vulnerable players being entice further into the world of fantasy to spend their much needed pocket money on buying a game with the extra additional gaming tools and monthly subscription. There have been many made known stories about young children using their parents' credit card to make such purchases. Globally, the game viral infection is spreading very fast and is indeed in need of fast action and remedies.

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