Tips For Maintaining Your PlayStation 3

So you have just gotten that PlayStation 3 that you have been wanting ever since you heard that it was coming out. The first thing that you are going to want to know about is how best to take care of that PlayStation 3 so that you have it for a long time to come. There are quite a few things that you can do to keep that PlayStation 3 humming along like a well-fed kitten for many years to come.

Use Common Sense When Playing

For example, you need to keep foods and liquids off of and away from the unit. This is the very first thing that you really need to be thinking about. These two things are the most common culprits when things start going wrong with anything that is electronic and you need to keep them away from your PlayStation 3 to ensure that it works properly for as long as you have it!

Keep It Dusted and Free of Debris

Dust, dirt and debris are the absolute death of anything that has any type of moving parts. If you do not regularly dust or clean off your PlayStation 3 than you are asking for trouble down the line. Eventually, dust and debris will clog up the working parts of the PlayStation 3, causing it to slow it down and overheat. This will eventually lead to it completely breaking down and it will refuse to work at all.

Keep the PlayStation 3 Cool

Do you realize that there is an air conditioning unit inside of the Play Station 3 console? It is very important that you keep the PS3’s fan working properly so that it can keep the unit cool during the many hours that you are spending with it turned on and having all that fun playing those games. Keeping the vents clear of dust and the unit away from the walls or other solid objects helps keep the fan functioning properly.

Know Which PlayStation 2 Games Work with the PS3 Before You Try Them

There are certain Play Station 2 games that can be played on the Play Station 3, but you have to know which ones work before inserting them into your PS3. If you try playing a PS2 game on PS3 and it is not compatible, you are very likely to do some serious damage to your Play Station 3 – if not destroy it altogether.

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