Tips on How to Recover Lost Photos on Different Media

Photos can be considered as the most widely used file types in the world. Not only are they used for storage on various storage media but also used for uploading on the internet, especially after the rise in number of the different social networking and photo sharing websites on the internet. A wide range of file types are made use of for this purpose namely JPEG, RAW, GIF, PNG etc. However, this wide usage is itself a disadvantage, as such wide usage often results in loss of photos from these multimedia storage devices. This happens in different forms in different devices, and we will discuss about some of the common image loss scenarios and the options available to recover lost photos.

In hard drives the most common cause for data loss is when the photos are transferred from one storage device usually from one storage device to the hard drive using the Cut and Paste commands. The other photo loss scenarios include photo loss due to formatting of the drive and improper partitioning of the hard drive leading to photo loss. Image files can also be lost due to virus attacks or malwares or even power surge.

As memory card play a major role in storage of the captured photographs, photo loss is common to even these devices. In fact the frequency of photo loss occurrences is more in these storage media, as the hardware involved is fragile and the usage is more than a hard drive. Photo loss on memory card occurs usually due to accidental formatting, improper copying of the files or accidental erasure of photos when the user hits the Delete All button.

Another widely used storage media is the USB drive and this pretty much has the same effect as that of the memory card as the technology used in both is the same. However, photo loss due to physical damage is considerable less compared to memory card and the usage is less frequent as compared to the memory card.

The above mentioned photo loss scenarios are common to both Windows and Mac and involves the role of a very good recovery software to recover the lost photos. In Windows the user has to option of selecting from a wide array of Window recovery software to recover the lost photos. It is the same in case of Mac, where different Mac recovery software makes photo recovery possible.

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