Using Registry Repair Freeware to Improve PC Performance

One of the most heavily promoted forms of software on the Internet today has to be registry repair utilities. They’re touted as being the one fix all solution to just about any computer repair problem you can think of that has to do with Windows®.

The reality is they aren’t as useful as one might think. While the Windows® registry is an important part of your home or office computer it’s not the cause of every single computer failure that can occur. More over, you don’t always have to pay for a registry repair tool if you want to see if that’s where your problems are.

In this article I’m going to reveal how you can use registry repair freeware to test your computer and Window® for registry related errors, and also fix them for free. If you’ve been contemplating buying one of those “fancy” registry cleaners read this article, and you can save a few bucks.

What Registry Cleaners Do

In a nutshell all registry cleaners do is scan each entry in your registry file structure and look for a program or item on your computer that it corresponds to. If the cleaner cannot find a program on your computer that links to that registry entry then it’s flagged. Out of date information, duplicate entries and entries that just down right aren’t needed are also flagged.

Once these items are flagged you can review the list or choose to automatically repair them. What I’ve found from using multiple registry repair programs is that no registry cleaner actually repairs as many errors as it finds. This leads me to believe that they like to inflate the potential number of threats to increase the need for their software.

Free alternatives

While a lot of websites and bloggers are promoting paid registry cleaners one of the best programs doesn’t cost you a dime. Ccleaner has been a popular registry repair and PC utility for the past several years and it’s 100% free.

Can freeware do as good a job as a paid application? Well yes and no. If you’re a seasoned PC user then chances are you will get as much out of a free registry cleaner as you will from a paid program. How ever if you’re new to the whole registry repair, self diagnosis and fix-it mentality you could benefit from a paid program with support.

Of course I’d always try the free option before I fork out any money. Who wants to pay for something they could have got for free right?

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