What Does ‘Defrag’ A Computer Mean And How To Do It?

If you are anything like me, when you first heard the phrase ‘Defrag mac’ you were probably wondering what on earth it meant, and how exactly to do it”?

It may sound like a technical mambo jumbo phrase, but it’s meaning is actually very simple. It is just another way of saying ‘clean out a mac.’

If you are a windows user, or have recently migrated over to using a mac, you are probably quite familiar with this term. As a mac user myself, i was originally left very confused and had absolutely no idea how to ‘defrag a mac…’

Whilst windows are required to be defragged regularly in order to keep them in good working condition, macs do not have to undergo it as often. However, it is still strongly advised to do it every once in a while.

This is because, no matter how swish and expensive your computer is, eventually you will have to dig deep and do a little cleaning to get it back up to optimum performance.

If you have noticed a dip in your computers performance and it is running slow, defragging your mac, and cleaning it out is the place to start.

Most people worry that their tired machine is heading for the dustbin as it takes ages to load even simple tasks. Thankfully, it is often just down to your hard drive being over crowded.

If you find an effective mac defrag software, you will no doubt find your beloved mac will run a lot faster and smoothly after. Plus, deleting all the hidden and useless clutter from your hard drive will free loads of storage space you can then use to download more of the latest softwares, games, music and even movies.

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