Why Gaming On Smartphones Is Nowhere Near Playing On A PC

Smartphones have become the new device to get things done. We read the news, do our email, take photos and organize them, all on the phone today. Gaming is the most common activity on the smartphone. Avid PC gamers are now clamoring for their favorite games on Windows to be available on smartphones too.

All they want is a smartphone with the game, so they can connect a large screen and a keyboard to it, and start playing right away. However, there are many reasons why smartphones are not going to be powerful gaming devices any time soon.

Screen size

The biggest factor in favor of smartphones for work is that they are easy to look at. Playing car games on an android device or iPhone can be fun, but it is not really as immersive as a PC games. The problems with smartphones for serious gaming are:

  • The screens (even on phablets) are too tiny to experience any kind of detail, which is where the immersion comes from
  • Even high resolution screens will not help here because each pixel is so small. You would have to blow up the screen at least 3 or 4 times to get details.


Another problem with traditional gaming on smartphones is the lack of power. Even if you could see details on some of the larger screens from close quarters, your games simply won’t be fast enough.

Your smartphone cannot run war or action games with the story telling and advanced graphics on the PC because:

  • The processors are too slow on smartphones (about 10 times slower than the average laptop)
  • Smartphones run on milli-watts of power, where computer processors and games played on them require at least tens of watts
  • Advanced modern PC games require multiple gigabytes of space. Whereas a PC could fit 10-15 games of such size, a smartphone will barely be able to hold half a game.

Even if you somehow ported PC games to mobile platforms, they would simply be too slow to give you any real benefit. This is especially true about the 3D games, where the level of detailing and processing required goes up 2 or 3 times.

Battery life

People play PC games for hours on end, while on smartphones you can only play games for a few hours before the battery dies. This is true even of phones with large capacity batteries.

Although it is not impossible for smartphones to be as powerful as PC’s of today, full blown desktops will continue having the advantage of power and performance at all times. Gaming on the PC will therefore always be the superior experience.

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