Why We Love Windows (And You Should, Too!)

Microsoft Windows or more commonly referred to as Windows is a family of graphical operating systems that are developed, introduced and sold by Microsoft. MS Windows comprises of several units of operating systems where each version is specifically designed to cater to a particular sector of the computing industry. Windows, which is regarded as an active operating environment was first introduced on November 20, 1985. It was introduced as a graphical operating system shell intended for MS DOS which was a result of the overwhelming interest in GUIs or graphical user interface. Since then, Microsoft Windows has become the more dominant operating system with 90% of the market share today.

Microsoft Windows as an operating system has certainly set the standards because of various versions like the Windows 1.0, Millennium Edition, 95, Vista, 2000, XP and the newer versions including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Now, this does not mean that Windows is by far the perfect operating system in the world. Truthfully, Microsoft still has a long way to go to fully improve their system but what’s good about the company is that they never stop in creating and developing the most efficient and of course user-friendly operating systems.

Top Advantages of the Windows Operating System


The latest versions of Windows operating systems such as Vista or Windows 7 are designed to be less complicated. The programs can run efficiently with fewer problems. Windows OS is also built to be compatible with most third-party software or applications which can be considered as a great convenience for users.


Mac fans may argue that their system does not need any security software since Macintosh supposedly is virus-free. However, there is little supporting fact regarding this claim. Windows operating systems on the other hand do not operate the same way as Macs, which means that it would be a lot harder to get a Windows system infected. This does not mean that Windows users can become complacent when it comes to securing their computer. What’s great with Windows is that most users are actually aware of the usual online threats which can lead them to make security preparations while Mac users are lead to believe that they are fully secured from the get go.


Mac OS is exclusively sold and distributed by Apple and there are only 5 types of OS X computer. Undoubtedly, Apple offers great products but unfortunately, the company does not provide a wider range of choices. Windows devices on the other hand range from tablets to personal computers and a whole lot in between. Plus, most Windows run devices are more affordable and cost efficient compared to even the cheapest Mac device.


Most gamers choose a device that runs on Windows for a variety of reasons. Although most popular games are now compatible on Apple devices, there are still a lot of reasons why gamers would opt for a Windows based system. Serious gamers are of course, well, serious about their gaming plan which means that they would avoid getting trapped in the walled garden of Apple wherewith they face a lot of restrictions and incompatibilities. Another reason why gamers are more inclined to use a Windows device is that they have more games to choose from. Gamers can experience a better world with Windows with all the game choices, options, and rigs that they can access. Mac only supports a handful of games compared to Windows and there are numerous cases wherein users must pay for a specific game.


The software support on Windows is amazing. Well, it is basically the same as with Mac. But here’s the thing. There may be plenty of software or applications that will run smoothly with Mac and most popular programs also have Mac versions but the operative word here is most which of course means that not all programs can go hand in hand with your Mac. For example, Microsoft Office is regarded as the most popular productivity suite for Mac users. MS Office on Mac is basically the same as the one in Windows but not quite. Therefore, Windows users have more options when it comes to free or shareable software that can basically do pretty much anything. The Windows world is basically a free for all buffet for users where they do not have to go through a lot of hassle just to access a specific software or app.

Value for Money

If you want a Mac, then you better prepare to shell out a hefty amount of money. The cheapest Mac available is the Mac mini which is not really up to par to any standard laptop. Most Macs may really have decent value but if you are looking for a device which can do many things for you, then it would be wiser to get one with a Windows operating system.

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